Recently I wrote a poem regarding ‘society’, the ‘thing’ we live in. What is it supposed to be, or be, or used to be and is not?

It’s supposed to be a mutual gathering of people who all work together to achieve whatever it is that each person within that society needs.

I ask you to consider: does our ‘society’ do anything like that? Are our needs fulfilled by the structure of collective reality which binds us together? By Governments?

Excuse me while I finish laughing…

We don’t have any kind of true society at all. Maybe deep in tribal jungles, or Outer Mongolia, but not in probably 99% of the world.

We, the common people, and that includes all the middle classes now – we are just slaves labouring under dictatorships, whether they call themselves Democrats, Republicans, Communists, Socialists, Monarchy.

Of course that’s where it all started, the beginnings of ‘Monarchy’.  Savage barbarians who gained power over others by – plundering, murdering, burning villages. Yes the so-called ‘Royal Blood’ is the blood of savage barbarian killers.

And we just sit here and take it, don’t we?  Next time you think you are free try walking out of your job and still surviving.

We shall sit here and take it, blinded by lies until the extinction of the human race.



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